Networking for introverts: it doesn’t have to be so hard

Networking for introverts: it doesn’t have to be so hard

If you are an introvert, chances are you don’t like networking. In fact, you probably despise it. Rather have a root canal. Avoid it like the plague. Think it’s a four-letter word.

But networking doesn’t have to be so awful. It doesn’t have to be so dang hard. You could actually learn to <gasp> enjoy it!

First, let’s talk about your mindset – it’s probably on the wrong track, as most people’s is, with regards to networking. And once you change that, there are many actionable, doable strategies and techniques that you can begin to implement immediately to get you started networking in an introvert-friendly, easier way.

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Volunteering as Employee Development: A PwC Case Study

I've written another guest post for the official ASTD blog, this time describing a specific example of how volunteering can be a great way to develop employees outside the classroom. I excerpted one of the several case studies featured in my book, Employee Development on a Shoestring, which was just launched by ASTD Press!

This case features the personal volunteer experience stories of two of the three PricewaterhouseCoopers employees I interviewed and wrote about in my book - it describes the ways in which they developed multiple competencies by volunteering to teach and build playgrounds in poor schools in Belize.

I've written about the value of volunteering as an employee development approach previously here, here, and here.

What has been your experience with learning by volunteering? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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