Team-building and retreat facilitation



We help teams of all sizes identify successes and areas that present challenges. We involve the team members in the process of defining their common goals, analyzing their needs, and assessing the changes that must occur in order to achieve their goals. We help teams work collaboratively, using respect, open and direct communication, problem solving techniques, and continual learning and improvement. And we help teams create measurable action-plans to ensure their work brings about positive change.

Each team-building effort is different. At TalentGrow, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each solution is customized to the specifics of the organization, the team, and the situation at hand. We listen and observe carefully and craft an approach that is targeted specifically to help your team foster the work environment and productivity it seeks.

Retreat Facilitation

When a team or organization has an important problem to solve or decision to reach, they often need an objective, external facilitator to help them succeed. Our professional facilitation skills allow your team to identify objectives and desired outcomes, develop a strong and effective agenda, and then fully focus on engaging with the subject-matter at hand and with each other and let us take care of the rest.

We not only help you design the perfect structure but we take the pressure off by HOLDING you to this agreed upon agenda, keeping you on topic, ensuring even and inclusive participation by all members, asking provocative and probing questions to elicit deeper thinking, and identifying action items and accountabilities. We then summarize the results and help you ensure that they are implemented so that you gain the full benefit from your investment of time, money, and talent on your retreat by seeing the outcomes come to life back on the job.