4 easy steps to rate and review a podcast on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes)

Do any of these concerns sound familiar to you?

“I really want to help you out and give your podcast a rating and review in Apple Podcasts/iTunes, but I

  • Don’t know how to do a review in Apple Podcasts (formerly known as iTunes)

  • Worry it will be hard to do a review in Apple Podcasts / iTunes

  • Don’t have lots of time to do a review in Apple Podcasts / iTunes

  • All of the above!”

Good news: you’re not alone

Better news: it’s not hard, you can do it, and with this fast and easy 4-step guide, you can do it in a few minutes, flat!!

Here's how to rate and review any podcast in Apple Podcasts / iTunes in 4 easy steps:

The TalentGrow Show Apple Podcasts / iTunes Preview
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Rating and Reviewing The TalentGrow Show on Apple Podcasts / iTunes
  1. Subscribe to the show (if you haven’t already done so in the past)

  2. Click the "Ratings and Reviews" tab

  3. Select a star rating (be honest, and I love 5’s!)

  4. Write a brief, sincere review – 1-3 sentences is just great!
    Then, just click ‘Submit’ and VOILA! You’re done!

how to rate and review The TalentGrow Show in Apple Podcasts / iTunes review language suggestion

That’s it! YOU ROCK!

Thank you SO MUCH!!

I’m doing my hApPy DaNce, can you tell?

If you have gained value from listening to even one episode of the TalentGrow Show, you are a perfect candidate to leave a review. And by doing so, you help others discover it and learn, too!

When people search for new podcasts to listen to, stumble upon the show, follow a link from social media or a friend's recommendation, or even from a Google search, they often aren't sure if it's worthwhile. Seeing positive ratings and reviews really helps them feel more comfortable to give it a try. In fact, it can even help would-be reviewers add their voice to the mix if others went before them.

So, can I count on you to help me out with this and leave me a rating and review? I'd be very grateful. VERY!

Thanks for reading this and thinking about it, regardless of what you choose to do. I appreciate you!

Make today great,


[Updated May 2018]

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