4 reasons to say NO to mediocrity

4 reasons to say NO to mediocrity

Recently, a Facebook acquaintance has shared some sentiments and articles that have suggested that this is the wrong way to be. That this cultural abhorrence of mediocrity and worship of achievement are doing our society no good. That, in fact, they argued, we should try to appreciate mediocrity and lovingly accept being average, and that we’ll be better off for it.

These views suggest that our society’s constant striving and hard-driving ambition are causing us to be unhealthy and unhappy. And that if we took our foot off the gas a bit, and learned to appreciate the slower, less stressful live of mediocrity we’d enjoy ourselves more.

I say, “NO, NO, NO!” (emphatic enough for ya?)

In this post, I will share four common mistakes people are making about mediocrity and reasons you should say NO to it, and strive for excellence instead.

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