Leaders: nurture your naysayers (and avoid CEO Disease)

Leaders: nurture your naysayers (and avoid CEO Disease)

Do you live in a ‘happy bubble’ in which everything is wonderful and all your ideas are perfect?

If you said ‘yes’, you might be a typical leader. And I must warn you: you might have CEO Disease.

You see, many leaders find themselves isolated, sheltered, and unaware of problems. Usually, it’s because the people they’ve surrounded themselves with are classic ‘yes-men’ and ‘yes-women’. They aren’t given contrary information, they’re sheltered from problems, and rarely if ever does anyone say ‘no’ or disagree with the.

Sheltered from negative information, these leaders struggle to gain the perspective necessary to make informed decisions because employees keep them in the dark about negative or contrary information.

In this post, Halelly Azulay explains what CEO Disease is, how you might get it, and 5 tips for avoiding it by nurturing your naysayers. Read on!

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