Social Learning as an Employee Development Solution

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What is Social Learning?

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Social learning, or Learning 2.0, is a general name given to multiple collaborative online tools for sharing knowledge, building relationships, and interacting with content and with other members of the online community. These tools allow learners to learn independently, more quickly, and more efficiently, and to be more productive and effective as a result. Most of the content in these systems is user generated and user rated for interest, relevance, and helpfulness. The tools most commonly used by organizations for social learning purposes are wikis and social networking tools such as discussion boards, blogs, video uploading platforms, and podcasting.

I hope you read more about how social learning works, the benefits it offers to both learners and their organization, and 8 implementation tips by reading my post on the C7 Group blog.  

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Source: Employee Development on a Shoestringby Halelly Azulay, ASTD Press, 2012

Photo credit: arvindgrover via Flickr Creative Commons