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Whoever said things slow down in the summertime did not check in with me... not true here! Gratefully, I've been super busy with work and with arranging to speak about Employee Development on a Shoestring to new audiences around the nation. I'm happy to be busy!

Recently, ASTD featured not one, but two articles of mine on their member newsletter, ASTD Links. One provides five useful tips on how other consultants, like me, can continue to increase their productivity. The other features an excerpt from chapter five of my book - the chapter that describes how mentoring and being mentored can each be helpful employee development methods. I hope you check these articles out!

August is the month I usually take time to rejuvenate and vacation. Are you scheduling a time to disconnect and renew? It will pay back dividends, I'm told... See you in a couple of weeks and Happy Summer!


Photo by Dene' (Seattle) Miles via Flickr Creative Commons

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