Digital Storytelling for All!

Podcasting mic

Check out my latest post on the ASTD Links newsletter (of which I am a field editor) titled "Digital Storytelling: Why All Employees Could Be Generating Video and Audio Content". In it, I discuss one creative and immediately available way to develop employees outside the training classroom and outside the box: turn them into what I call digital storytellers. What does that mean? You send them on roving reporter missions and let them digitally capture (by audio or video recording) hot stories from the frontlines, from customers, or from star performers about difficult challenges overcome or workarounds and new ideas, and share these with the rest of the organization. Take a look and let me know your thoughts - would love to hear from you about ways you've incorporated this method, or ways you're planning to do so in the future. 

PS - this idea is discussed in much greater detail in chapter 10 of my book, Employee Development on a Shoestring, titled "Digital Storytelling: Learning by Creating Videos and Podcasts."

Photo by tranchis via Flickr Creative Commons

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