3 Common Obstacles to Performance Management in Government (and Ways to Overcome Them)

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In my professional and volunteer roles I encounter many interesting people who are doing great work. One of them is Kitty Wooley, a Human Capital Strategist for the US Department of Education.

Last year Kitty launched a blog called Senior Fellows and Friends for members of a seven-year-old "evolving multisector network .... [of people] who want to participate in improving government by engaging in constructive conversation." Kitty writes, "No matter what one does for a living, it's very easy to become insulated and isolated. However, I think we'll get a better result for the public if we consciously do the opposite, stretching to connect with those who are unlike us along many dimensions."

Kitty has asked me to guest-post for the Senior Fellow and Friends blog, so I wrote about the common obstacles I see in managing performance in the public sector and some ideas about overcoming them. You can read it on her blog, here. I'd love to know what you think.

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