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Career Minds: Halelly Azulay's blog post No more Hot Potato networking introductions: the why and how of Double Opt-ins is shared on their Leadership Round-Up How to Make Business Meetings More Productive The skills you need for the jobs of the future Here’s the kind of training Millennials need to get ahead in 2017 6 Ways That Successful Entrepreneurs Release Stress and Stay Healthy

Book: Halelly Azulay is a contributor of the article "What's an Engaging Facilitator" to the book, The Art and Science of Training, by Elaine Biech, hailed as "the new bible for training professionals" by Ken Blanchard!

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Book: Halelly Azulay is a contributor of the article "What Does It Take to Be an Engaging Facilitator" to the book, Training Is The Answer: Making Learning & Development Work in China, by Elaine Biech (published both in English and in Chinese)

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Book: Halelly Azulay's book, Employee Development on a Shoestring, is published in Chinese! (Here's a picture of her holding a copy out on her deck in California)

Book: Halelly Azulay is a contributing author of two items to 101 More Ways to Make Training Active (Wiley), edited by Elaine Biech.

Book: Strength to Strength: How Working From Your Strengths Can Help You Lead a More Fulfilling Life by Halelly Azulay. Click on the image to the left to get a copy!

Modern Business Blog: How to Be Relevant in Today’s Workplace

TD Magazine: Halelly Azulay is featured as a "Leadership development guru" in a full-page biographical article, Growing by Leaps and Bounds in the March 2014 issue (both paper and online editions) of the prestigious industry publication, TD Magazine

Book: Halelly Azulay is a contributing author to the ASTD Handbook: The Definitive Reference for Training & Development (2nd Edition)

App: Halelly Azulay is a contributing author to ASTD's Trainer's Toolkit App

Book: Contributing author to The 201 3 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting, edited by Elaine Biech (Pfeiffer)

Book: Halelly Azulay is the author of Employee Development on a Shoestring (ASTD Press)

Webcast: interviewed for the Business Thought Leadership Webcast Series

Book: Contributing author to The Insider’s Guide to Supervising Government Employees, edited by Kathryn M. Johnson (Management Concepts Press)

Blog: Halelly Azulay is a contributing author and Leadership Development Expert to Senior Fellows and Friends, a multi-sector online network for graduates of the Excellence in Government Fellows Program

Book: Contributing author to The 2010 Pfeiffer Annual: Training, edited by Elaine Biech (Pfeiffer)

Book: Contributing author to The 2009 Pfeiffer Annual: Consulting, edited by Elaine Biech (Pfeiffer)

Book: Contributing author to The Trainer's Warehouse Book of Games: Fun and Energizing Ways to Enhance Learning, edited by the talented and prolific Elaine Biech (Pfeiffer)