Let’s Rock 2017! (Or, I’ll show you my goals – will you show me yours?)

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Goals, Strategies, and Habits

When you adopt a value creator mindset, you are always in active growth mode. The beginning of a new calendar year is definitely not the only or best time to set big goals, but it’s just as good an excuse as any to get busy if you haven’t looked at your goals in a while, or if you need to refresh your existing goals. I enjoy the exercise of reviewing my previous year and setting goals for the new year. Last year, my focus was, well, Focus. This year, it’s gotta be intentional execution. My three words to describe my overall intentions for 2017 are “healthy, happy, and fulfilled.”

But setting big, scary goals is not sufficient. You also need to plan a way to bring them to fruition. This is where creating strategies and habits can serve you well. Strategies describe the actions you need to take to actualize the goal, and habits are behaviors that can help you make progress. Habits take time to build (hint: longer than 21 days), and there’s this great post already on my blog about how best to build them, and I always recommend Charles Duhigg’s excellent book called The Power of Habit.

Well, here’s a list of my general goals and habit intentions for the new year as we embark on 2017. I’d love to hear about yours in the comments below!

Business Goals for 2017

Publishing / Content Creation

Write and submit networking book to publisher. I’m already in the process of working with an interested publisher, because this was a goal I started working on last year (remember my last post on how I changed my mind?). Fingers crossed…!

Increase newsletter frequency to weekly (from bi-weekly). Back in 2014, I began publishing a monthly newsletter. Then, in 2015, I doubled the frequency, which I kept steady through 2016. Now, I’m ready to double again. I already publish content every week (see next goal), so now I’ll just release it weekly through the newsletter as well – plus the helpful Quick Tip and other news I always include. Are you subscribed? Please join me if not. It’s short and fun to read.

Continue to publish podcast and blog/vlog each 2x per month. I launched my blog in 2007 (holy moly, that means it’s turning 10!!!), added occasional vlog (video blog) posts to the blog in 2012, and launched the TalentGrow Show podcast in 2015. My goal is to keep providing readers, viewers, and listeners helpful content on leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, employee development, self-improvement, career development, and more. And of course, I’d love to get your input and feedback, please and thank you! Leave me a comment or email me at halelly AT talentgrow DOT com.

Product Offerings

Create and offer two online courses. This is a huge deal for me – I’ve been thinking and talking about this forever, but it’s time to execute. I’m definitely scared of this one. I will create a short course first (baby steps, you know) and follow with a longer, more in-depth one later. What would you like to learn from me via an online course you can do on your own time?


Daily reading – 20 minutes/day (it’s my intention to read more non-fiction books, not just blog posts and short articles)

Daily free-writing/journaling – 20 minutes/day (I’ve tried this before but fell off the wagon)

Batch content creation – every Friday, 3 hours; once per month – one additional full day (right now, I’m all over the place, often driven by deadline. My varying work schedule and travel often make this hard to accomplish, but I intend to succeed)

Daily networking action – 5-10 minutes ‘tooth-brushing’ habit (like I described in episode 44 of my podcast). This could be introducing two people, sending a thank you note or article, reviving dormant connections, writing a note or calling an existing connection, or writing a LinkedIn recommendation, just to name a few ideas.

Personal Goals for 2017

Health and fitness

Increase strength in all my major lifts one rep max by 10% and achieve 10 strict body-weight pull-ups (I'm actually still figuring out what a good increase goal would be - this 10% may need to be revised based on what my coaches tell me).

Continue to eat paleo/primal (just more consistently), and add one 'official' planned cheat meal per month which hopefully help me stick to it better on the other meals. So many temptations plus I'm an emotional eater...


Constrain email and social media usage. I enjoy SoMe (Social Media) but maybe too much, and I know that the many benefits I gain from it can get overshadowed by loss of productivity if it's overused. So here are some ways I'm going to try to put more limits on how, when, and for how long I use SoMe:

  • No smartphone usage in bed (neither at waking nor at bedtime)
  • Email only after reading, writing, and networking habits are checked off
  • Business-related social media use once per day for 30 minutes, not before reading/writing habits
  • Casual social media use once at lunch for 15 minutes and once in evening after work for 30 minutes


Continue… (existing habits)

  • Daily yoga stretch before coffee (what worked for me is blocking a time on my calendar with a reminder, as well as using an app like the Loop Habit Tracker to remind me and keep track)
  • Five workouts per week (CrossFit, hiking, walking, maybe restart running again?)
  • Eating paleo – try Seinfeld’s chain method to help with adherence
  • Sleeping minimum 7-8 hrs /night (my Fitbit Surge was how I tracked this until I bought myself the new Garmin Vivoactive HR for my birthday last month)

Begin… (new habits)

  • Walk on the beach once each week, min. 4x per month – this activity brings me so much joy and now that I live less than 20 minute from a beach, I should really make it a more intentional habit to add to my quality of life and sense of enjoyment.
  • See 6 (non-Teev Events) concerts this year – my husband produces concerts (among many other things) that I get to see when they’re in town, but he and I decided we need to include more live music enjoyment to our habits in the coming year, not just his ‘work’ music.

Your turn

What goals and habits will you be incorporating or continuing in 2017? Please share in the comments below, and let’s make 2017 our best year yet, together!!

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